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Simon Crabb
United Kingdom

Dear You

My name is Simon Crabb, and I’m an Online Business Consultant.

How did I get here?

Well, very briefly, here’s a life story.

I always had a fascination with computers, engineering, making things and selling things.

I went to University to do a far-too-complex degree and graduated with a First Class Masters of Engineering in Microelectronics and Software Engineering.

After all that studying I went and worked for a big corporate, then for a top web agency (they’re now the largest in the UK) and rode on the wave.

I stopped working for the man and became a Online Business Consultant in 2000.   

Consulting contract highlights include the management of the technical build of the hosting infrastructure of the at-the-time UK’s largest newspaper website.

I’ve also built, operated and sold a variety of my own online and offline businesses, including affiliate marketing, direct mail, ecommerce and retail businesses.

Right now, in addition to running my own businesses, I’m focusing on helping small business owners to grow their businesses by effective marketing using the Internet

I do this by offering a variety of consulting and coaching services.

I live in Christchurch on the South Coast of the UK with my wonderful partner Kathryn and two fluffy lop-eared bunny rabbits.

You can find me on my BlogFacebook, TwitterLinkedInGoogle+, YouTube.


I offer free consultations for small business owners of online businesses.  

On the phone at a mutually convenient time, we’ll briefly talk about YOUR business and I’ll give you my honest personal viewpoint on what I think could work better for you.  

Why do I do this?  

I LOVE talking with small business owners and hearing about their journey.  And those people I get along with like a house on fire will maybe hire me to help them some more.  

No catch, no sales pitch, just a nice chat over a virtual cup of coffee.

Get in touch – – tell me who you are, what you do, what your website address and phone number are and when’s a good time to talk.

Speak soon?


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