Simon Crabb

Online Business Consultant


Simon_23sqMy name is Simon Crabb, and I’m an Online Business Consultant and Coach.

I live in Christchurch on the South Coast of the UK.

You can find me regularly hanging out on
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How did I get here? Well, very briefly, here’s…

My Life Story

As a teenager I always had a fascination with computers, engineering, making things and selling things.

I went to University to do a rather complex degree and graduated with a First Class Masters of Engineering in Microelectronics and Software Engineering from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

After all that studying I went and worked for a big corporate, then for a top web agency (they’re now the largest in the UK) and rode on the wave.

I stopped working for the man and became a Online Business Consultant and Entrepreneur in 2000.   

Consulting contract highlights include the management of the technical build of the hosting infrastructure of the at-the-time UK’s largest newspaper website.

I’ve also built, operated and sold a variety of my own online and offline businesses, including affiliate marketing, direct mail, e-commerce and retail businesses.

What I Do

Right now, in addition to running my own companies, I’m focusing on helping business owners and managers to grow their businesses by effective marketing using the Internet

I do this by offering Online Business Consulting and Coaching services.

Need some help?

Get in touch with me on social media, or at


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